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  1. PBS Idea Channel - “When will we worry about the well-being of robots?”


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  3. The on-going computer drama continues.

    My laptop monitor has been out of commission for a good 3 months, and now it’s monitor memory lane. I’ve been running with my laptop hugging a 2001 LCD monitor that it could fit inside, but the capacitors decided to give up the ghost today.

    Now it’s on to a late 90’s monstrosity that takes up a third of the desk. I almost plugged in the native 800 x 600 from the first family desktop that ran Windows 3.1.

    I have to say just a quick look at what’s on offer for new laptops is pretty abysmal, not just for the price, but the service, flexibility, longevity, let alone the components. It seems like there’s less options on top of functionality being removed.

    Back to the drawing board.


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  5. darksilenceinsuburbia:

    Evan Roth

    Multi-Touch Paintings series
    Lambda print face mounted on acrylic, dibond backing
    Size variable
    2011 (ongoing)

    Paintings created by performing routine tasks on multi-touch hand held computing devices.



  6. ryanpanos:

    Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall | ICD/ITKE/IIGS University of Stuttgart | Via

    The Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall is an architectural prototype building and a showcase for the current developments in computational design and robotic fabrication for lightweight timber construction. Funded by the European Union and the state of Baden‐Württemberg, the building is the first to have its primary structure entirely made of robotically prefabricated beech plywood plates. The newly developed timber construction offers not only innovative architectural possibilities; it is also highly resource efficient, with the load bearing plate structure being just 50mm thin. This is made possible through integrative computational design, simulation, fabrication and surveying methods.

    (via archi-diary)


  7. new-aesthetic:

    "Internet machine is a multi-screen film about the invisible infrastructures of the internet. The film reveals the hidden materiality of our data by exploring some of the machines through which ‘the cloud’ is transmitted, processed and transformed." - Internet machine – Timo Arnall

    cf Arnall’s earlier film “Robot Readable World


  8. sfmoma:


    Ever wondered how neon signs are made?

    Watch a short documentary on the art form in China here. 

    Adding neon sign gazing to our itinerary, and then a visit to Dan Flavin’s Untitled (in honor of Leo at the 30th anniversary of his gallery) from 1987, on view in Gorgeous at the Asian Art Museum.


  9. ryanpanos:

    Minibuilders | Saša Jokić | Petr Novikov | Via

    Developed at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Minibuilders is a research project comprised of a family of small-scale construction robots capable of constructing objects far larger than the robot itself. Each of the robots is designed to perform a diverse task, linked to the different phases of construction, finally working together as a family towards the implementation of a single structural outcome.

    The first robot, the Base Robot, lays down the first ten layers of material to create a foundation footprint. Sensors mounted inside the robot control direction, following a predefined path. Traveling in a circular path allows for a vertical actuator incrementally adjust the nozzle height for a smooth, continuous, spiraling layer. To create the main shell of the final structure the second robot, the Grip Robot, attaches to the foundation footprint. Its four rollers clamp on to the upper edge of the structure allowing it to move along the previously printed material, depositing more layers. Controlled by custom software the robot follows a predefined path, but can also adjust its path to correct errors within the printing process. Rotational actuators control height above the previous layer to maintain a consistent layer.

    The data derived from the structural analysis is then translated into paths for the third and final robot, the Vacuum Robot. Using a vacuum generator this robot attaches to the surface of the previously printed structure. Moving freely over the first shell on its tracks, depositing material on the surface of the shell, enhancing its structural properties. This task can be performed by one robot, or a swarm of robots working in co-ordination.

    (via tinyursophiliac)


  10. jimgolden:

    NEW PROJECT: Relics of Technology Launching this project today along with a new web edit, check it out here. More about the Relics:

    The seeds for the Relics of technology project started when I found a brick cell phone at a thrift store in rural Oregon. Since finding it, similar bits and pieces of old technology and media kept grabbing my attention.

     The fascination was equal parts nostalgia for the forms, and curiosity as to what had become of them.  One thing led to another and I was on the hunt for groups of media and key pieces of technology, most of which have now been downsized to fit in the palm of our hands. These photos are reminders that progress has a price and our efforts have an expiration date.

    (via crookedindifference)


  11. littlelimpstiff14u2:

    Goldner Geva

    Goldner Geva is an Israeli design studio carving the way forward with their unique combination of materials and technology. Carbon fibres are bonded with wood in a technique derived from the aviation and space industry. Together, they unite the advanced Hi-Tech world with the most ancient of construction materials. With the resulting hybrid, “solid wood takes on a virtuosic flexibility formal, exposing it in a brand new and amazing way,” as Gal Golder explains.

    One half of the design duo with Iftah Geva, Goldner trained as a mechanical engineer, while Geva studied industrial design at the Holon Institute of Technology. Together, they are opening up new paths in woodwork to create curved, polished works that emphasise the natural beauty of the wood as much as the inherent strength of the carbon fibres.

    (via hifructosemag)