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  2. artnet:

    Iraq’s religious and cultural heritage has become the latest taget of the militant group ISIS, which is destroying mosques, churches, and archeological sites.

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  4. laughingsquid:

    Animated Explanation of The Confusing Relationship Between China and the Sister Islands of Hong Kong and Macao

    Can we not talk about Asia without brushing off the fusion erhu, or unnecessary marking of ethnicity on even stick figures?


  5. cinoh:




    — I made these photographs of foreclosed homes back in the mid-90s in Los Angeles — the City of Dreams. I have always been haunted by these places, thinking of all the broken lives, and how they mirrored my own unstable childhood.

    When I made these images I was interested in places that were ultimately about people.

    Homes and home loans are at the heart of our seriously troubled economic situation. 

    Walls do talk. I hope these images get at this state we are in, in their own quiet way. 

    Todd Hido is a San Francisco Bay Area-based artist whose work has been featured in Artforum, The New York Times Magazine, The Face and I-D amongst others. His photographs are in the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, New York, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In 2001 an award winning monograph of his work titled, HOUSE HUNTING, was published by Nazraeli Press. Since then he has had several other books published, the latest being BETWEEN THE TWO in 2007. He is an adjunct professor at the California College of Art, San Francisco, California.


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  9. museumghost:


    David Wojnarowicz wore this jacket in 1988, just 4 years before he’d ultimately die from AIDS. Sadly, just a few years ago some of his artistic work was censored at the Smithsonian. People in power are still content to try and erase his history and the continued struggles of people with AIDS

    (that exhibition was hide/seek in 2010.)

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  10. vicemag:

    The Beautiful Dystopian Hell of a Post-Riot Britain

    Jimmy Cauty has had quite the life. As one half of late 1980s stadium house duo the KLF, he and his partner Bill Drummond scored two number one records, wrote a book about doing so, toasted their success by unloading a machine gun filled with blanks over the heads of the assembled music industry at the 1992 Brit Awards, and ended up burning £1 million in cash—nearly all their earnings—on the remote Scottish island of Jura.

    For all it’s been talked about in the years since, this stunt probably would have been worth ten times that fortune in publicity, but instead Cauty has kept a low profile, working on his own personal art projects. His latest work is The Aftermath Dislocation Principle Part One: A Small World Re-Enactment. It’s the hangover of a riot, built in 1:87 scale miniature (but still covering 448-square feet), depicting a bleak urban cityscape of rubble-strewn flyovers, burned-out cars, and razed fast food restaurants almost entirely devoid of life, save for a swarm of policemen in high-vis jackets who seem to be wondering where all the rioters have gone.

    Before Aftermath, he worked on a series of smaller self-contained pieces called A Riot in a Jam Jar, built with actual jam jars and customized model railway figurines. Cauty explained that the inspiration for the series came while he was in a grocery store, watching a supine line of people lining up for automated checkouts. “I remember thinking, if I was 20 years younger, I’d be there grabbing stuff, smashing things up, and running out. But everyone was very passive,” he said. “People just want to go buy their instant meal, eat it, go to bed, go back to work. No one seemed interested in rioting.”



  11. BBC Newsnight: Russell Brand on the current political and social reality

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